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Message par Mouli42 le Ven 6 Juin - 17:00

News du 18 mai 2008

Good Morning:

Welcome all new members.

I am proud to announce that The Patriot Group has bought this website and your webmaster will be Cindy.

The Patriot Group are trusted webmasters having been in business since 2003. With the purchase of the group of websites, formerly known as the Latin PTC Network, there are 40 plus websites and over 100,000 members. We are the 3rd largest ownership group.

Like all new owners, we will be making changes. I think you will like most of them. We will be lowering, YES lowering the cashout amount and adding more options. I surf our sites myself and remove problem sites often. We do NOT allow porn, frame breakers or search engine cheating 0-iframes or websites owned by webmasters that are known to be dishonest. I call it as I see it. Our approved site list is here.
Green = Approved Red = Denied
Yellow = Under Review or select site approval

Reading admin emails and this sites forum are required reading. ALL Admin emails are posted in this sites forum for future reference.

We post everything involving this website in the forum, lists of suspended members, how to get unsuspended instructions, deleted members, and all cheat check questions and answers.

I have replaced all Cheat Check questions.
Santa Clause lives where? - North Pole
Where does Jeffery live? - Jefferys House
Where does Hillary, Obana and John want to live?
- White House

I can read and understand English - Yes
Pick the famous Horse Race, first ran in 1875. -
The Kentucky Derby

Can eagles fly? - yes

We do NOT allow cheaters, NON English readers, bot or proxy users. NO matter how big our network gets and NO matter how many site managers we have, I will deal with all cheater issues myself. The contact email for ALL cheater issues on ALL sites is Be advised that any email that is forward to me from the webmasters involving cheater issues will be considered a failure to read and understand English.

Happy Clicking.

The Patriot Group

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News du 06/06/08

Message par Mouli42 le Ven 6 Juin - 17:01

Good Morning:

Welcome all the new members. I have lots of info for you today.

This site is part of The Patriot Group. Cindy is your webmaster.

There are many ways to contact Cindy, support ticket via contact button, theblueunicorn on Yahoo messanger, message sent via messages, or posting in either of the 2 forum threads listed below.

Since the recent change in ownership, we have paid all pending cashouts. If you have been paid, please post here
and here.,19638.0.html

We will be doing payouts again, right after I send this email.

I have lowered the egold cash out to $.50. We will be lowering this again soon.

YES ptp is on. Currently the only sites approved are our sites, but as time permits we will add other sites.

I have approved/denied all pending click exchange sites but one, it is waiting for ptp approval from which I requested.

With the large number of websites now in our ownership group, we are always pressed for time. One of the most time consuming part of running these sites is the click exchanges. That is why some webmasters turn them off. Before I owned any websites, I surfed the click exchanges on every site that I was a member of to have my referral links shown. While approving these sites, I see some members join our sites, add a click exchange site, assign the 50 free credits they get for joining and never come back.

To prevent this abuse, starting today and going forward, 51 credits MUST be assigned for click exchange sites to be approved. IF I decline your site, you can always retract your credits and assign them to another site. Also if I decline your site, I will send you the reason why, look in your account.

I have approved many new PTSU offers today.

Everything you need to know about this site is posted in its forum for future reference.
New Cheat questions, list of suspended members, emails to members and everything else will be posted here.



Nombre de messages : 1377
Age : 36
Date d'inscription : 05/04/2007

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