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Message par Admin le Sam 10 Mai - 8:06

Soyez actif sur ValePTR et ValePTR vous le rendra. Si vous faîtes plus de 500 clics dans le mois ValePtr vous paie suivant le tableau ci-dessous :

Plus de 500 clics vous recevez 0.01$ automatiquement sur votre compte
Plus de 1000 clics vous recevez 0.05$ automatiquement sur votre compte
Plus de 2500 clics vous recevez 0.10$ automatiquement sur votre compte
Plus de 5000 clics vous recevez 0.15$ automatiquement sur votre compte
Plus de 10000 clics vous recevez 0.20$ automatiquement sur votre compte
Plus de 15000 clics vous recevez 0.30$ automatiquement sur votre compte
Plus de 20000 clics vous recevez 0.50$ automatiquement sur votre compte



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ValePTr change de webmaster

Message par Admin le Jeu 19 Juin - 20:09

Tout est dans le titre Cool

Dear Members of ValePTR,

My name is Mrs Berthild Scholz, I'm from Germany, I'm 48 years young, I'm working from home due to family circumstances.
I'm in the PTR world since the end of 2003 as a member. Since April 2007 I am the owner and admin of, another CC script based PTR site. AND now ... I'm the new owner of ValePTR! :-)

All my friends call me "Inya", so I like to be your "Adminya" here.

I want to express my sincere thanks to Gabriella for the uncomplicated and quick handing over! She stays as a member and has offered me still to answer my questions. That's great.

Of course I first have to get familiar with all options of this site. Dear members, please give me a short time to have a look on all necessary aspects. Seems, there are a lot of support tickets unanswered and over 40 ads to process. I will have a busy weekend. ;-)

And: Yes, I WILL pay, I am a very serious person, worked at hospital for nearly twenty years before staying at home now.
Maybe I will have to hold off some single e-gold payments till next week, because we made the change of site ownership within 24 h. I hadn't the change to get some e-gold from my exchanger before weekend. But I will pay down from the highst amount to the lowest as far as I am able. Think, it's not to bad not to get 2 cents today, but worth not to get $2. After my exchange of e-gold has been processed there will be no further problems on this issue.

Surely I will do some slight changes to the site within the next weeks, but nobody will loose something, I think, hopefully quite the contrary.
Thanks to YOU for your confidence and staying at the site!


Nombre de messages : 1335
Age : 39
Date d'inscription : 05/04/2007

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Letter to all members about changes at ValePTR

Message par Admin le Ven 25 Juil - 20:46

July, 22nd 2008: Letter to all members about changes at ValePTR

Dear Members of ValePTR!

As most of you will know, I took over this site at April, 13th 2008 from the former owner.
I have honored all existing upgrades, Affiliate Pages and rules to pay members since then.

I have taken my time to examine all income streams and financial commitments of this site.
As some of you may have presumed already, this site with all it's actual settings is absolutlely unsustainable. Five high paying PTP links, high paying Affiliate Pages and Upgrades sold for very low prices are generating a daily debt to the site, that is in no way compensated by the income from ads networks and sellings.
Of course there might be some purchases of new upgrades and Affiliate Pages in the future that did not happen the last five weeks, but in no case this would be able to solve this fundamental problem.

How should a programm of nearly 400 members be able to pay so much more then the "great players" in PTR world with thousands of members? Ask yourself.

To make it clear: I, myself, don't want to generate a namable income from my sites. I only like to get in contact with a lot of people around the world and to bring to you a good service. But of course I have to generate in minimum the costs for hosting and payment processors beside paying my members with no problems.

"Good Service" is another topic I have talk to you about: Site was and still is in some sections overcrowded with popup ads. Just within the last week, we have had major troubles about some of them, because they submitted script code detected by some antivirus programs as virus/trojans. So I will reduce popup ads in a noticeable way and will try hard to get a site, which does not cause problems to your computer.

And there are another two issues, that are not 'correct' in my opinion. I know, there are different opinions about these things, but as I am now the owner of this site, I have to tell you about my personal attitude.
First I want to revamp the PTR sites, so that you don't have to scroll to the right to see the right column ads if you are looking at our site with an adjustment of 1024 pixel width. Of course no one will do this, and so in my opinion it's like cheating the advertisers, if their ads are never been seen by any clicker.
And second and much more important: My opinion is, that we should NOT allow opening more than one ad at one time. Ok, may be their are some of our members shouting now in anger, but it is my deepest conviction, that this practice is not the right way to get success for a long time in PTR world. It is cheating upon the advertisers, who have paid real money to get their ads seen by real visitors. I think, we have to go just the contrary way, must make our PTR pages a bit more attractive to look on and I have already some ideas to do this, which I will implement in the next months. So I will definitely stop this practice at my site after this message has been made readable to you.
In return I have already reduced the timer seconds for all new ads set up in the past week and I will reduce the timers for all old ads as soon as possible.

With this all been said the following changes to ValePTR will be made:

* Not accepted countries for signup of new members will change to: China, India, Poland, and Russian Federation.

* Activity requirement to stay a member: At least one click every 30 days. NO further requirement to earn from downline!

* New upgrade options will be offered. Beside ads and usage of Upgraded PTP link they include redemption discounts and point/cash exchange bonus!

* There is one new upgrade membership, that does not allow Upgraded PTP link use, but has more ads, for those who are not interested in PTP promoting but wish to upgrade.

* With point/cash exchange at our site I don't see necessarity for point upgrades, so there will be no new ones.

* Old upgrades are honored till they expire. Within the next weeks their ads will be changed to those ones, which are now offered at our new advertise page, but there will be no lost in number of clicks upgraded members get.

* There will be no further decision between cash and cheap cash in receiving email ads.

* As some of you may have noticed, after it was brought to my attention that point emails were NOT targeted correctly by the former owner only to those, who had checked the corresponding keyword, now I have redone all targeting for these ads. So it is now in fact your decision, if you want to get them or not.

* At August, 10th we will stop the PTP links "Surprise" and "Tier1" ! Please use the remaining time to stop your promotions of these links.

* New CPM for Upgraded PTP link will be lowered to $0.75, for Free PTP link will be rised to $0.55. Free PTP link will pay better for tier2 visits. These changes will take place on August, 1st. Minimum amount of credits for exchange will be set to 1, so you may exchange your credits with the old rates till August, 1st.

* All already approved and new PTC and TrafficExchange sites will be approved only for the so called 'autosurf' PTP link from August, 10th on! Please use the remaining time to stop your promotions of other PTP links at these sites! Exceptions will be made only for programs, which are offering tier targeting like e.g. Beachpartysurf, EM-Traffic, Hogshollow, and SAS.

* The AutosurfEnabled PTP link will be rised to $0.10 CPM, but will count only once every 24 hours. So this link would be ideal to use for PTC sites and trafficexchanges with no tiers but unique 24 hours hits. I will change name of the PTP link in near future to clarify this, but will not change PTP URL (.../auto.php...), so you don't have to change your PTP link.

* If promoting our PTP links, you have to submit a minimum of 40% valid traffic. You are able to check these data in your member account, so you may react, if you get too much invalid traffic from a site, where you are promoting ValePTR PTP link. Continued promoting not fullfilling the given limit will lead to suspension from PTP use after 45 days.

* Affiliate pages will stay earning $0.20 CPM, but all paid PTCs at these sites will be set to the new value of 3 points/10 sec timer. Prizes for new Affiliate pages will go up at August, 1st for roundabout 20%.

* From now on payments will be made via e-gold and Paypal (masspay) with a no-minimum balance and via Alertpay and LibertyReserve with a $1 minimum balance. You may request payout by clicking the request button. Payouts will be processed every weekend without any fees from our side.

* Payout by bank transfer for members from the European Union only will be offered too.

* Payout by Moneybookers seems to be very problematic. Although I again studied the german version of Moneybookers terms and NOT found anything, which would forbid me to pay members in Germany from my regular and registered internet business, which is not a MLM or ponzi sheme, I know from members in other countries, that they can not get out their money from Moneybookers there, because they got it from PTR sites. So to be on the safer side for those members, I have officially not mentioned Moneybookers as a payout option. If MB is the one and only possibility for you to get paid, you may contact us via helpdesk and we might find a private solution. is however not responsible in any way, if you will loose your Moneybooker balance and/or account for using it with PTR sites!

* New members may request their first payout not earlier than 14 days after joining the site.

These are the major changes I have to do in the moment to ensure a solid and healthy staying of ValePTR. I will work hard to rise the revenue of the site in the future and will then of course share it with my members.

I think the whole catalogue of measures is well-balanced between unpopular actions and decisions, that will make our site more accepted and easier to promote.

At our helpdesk I have set up a new category, where you are able to send me your opinion, your criticism, your kudos, every feedback is appreciated. However I will not respond to every ticket in this section personally, but will read them all and take into my considerations.
If you have a concrete problem or question at ValePTR, that has to be solved or answered, please choose the category "ValePTR".

The new "Rules", our Terms of Service reflect the changes. Please take your time to have a look at them too. As stated in the old and the new terms, continuing to use ValePTR is equivalent of acceptance of the new terms.

Thanks for your reading!

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Administrative Message #267 - 08/23/2008 - Payouts done

Message par Admin le Lun 25 Aoû - 18:42

Dear Members,

Just to let you know:
All payouts requested before this weekend have been processed (total of $66.28).

Next payouts will be done next weekend (30th to 31st of August).


Nombre de messages : 1335
Age : 39
Date d'inscription : 05/04/2007

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Re: ValePTR

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

Contenu sponsorisé

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