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PTR cashcrusader : Présentation du script et vente

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PTR cashcrusader : Présentation du script et vente

Message par Mouli42 le Sam 9 Fév - 0:35

Cash Crusader script

CashCrusader script Features

* Complete Interactive Website (Generic Template)
* 4 Separate Autosurf/Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges.
* Paid-to-Click.
* Paid-to-Signup.
* Paid-to-Review.
* Paid-to-Read E-mail.
* Internal User Inboxes.
* Ad Timers.
* Auto Login Feature.
* Rotating Banner, Text, Pop-up and Pop-under Ad Manager.
* Gold Membership Program (automatically assign unreferred members to gold members) Our gold program supports ANY ratio and distributes referrals fairly based on the ratios you assign. Great for offering not just gold, but bronze, silver and platinum memberships.
* Automated Member Sign-up - The sign-up process is completely automated - your new members will receive an E-mail to complete the sign up process and confirm their membership; as well as an e-mail welcoming them to your site.
* Automated Member Password Recovery.
* Automated Member Cancellation.
* Automated Member Crediting.
* All Website Pages (privacy, terms, help, etc.) are Included in the scripts.
* Ability to provide Members with Sign-up Bonus and Referral Levels are Unlimited.
* Award by Points or Cash.
* Set Your Own Payout Levels, Payout Rate and Advertising Prices.
* Inactive Accounts Can Removed by using a set criteria by you.
* Stats page that is fast and accurate.
* Visitor counters, show how many guests and members are online.
* Vacation Mode: Your members will be able to place their account hold should they be away for long periods of time.
* Redemption Page: You customize the redemption offers in your admin. section and they will appear on each members redemption page.
* Search Users Database: Look up your members by username, e-mail address, first name, last name, IP address, country or join date.
* Manage E-mail ad campaigns Easy to use manager with a built in search feature. Send an E-mail to members - A mailer that runs in the background and allows you to never have to restart and send the ad again, even if your server restarts it will pick up with the next person it needs to E-mail and continues from there.
* Easier to edit pages. No more working around scripts, create your page in html, add a simple code, save as php and your done. The requirements are MYSQL 4.x, PHP 4.3 or higher and Cron
* Easy to use autoupdater


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Message par Mouli42 le Mer 27 Aoû - 13:50

We now offer payments to our affiliates by AlertPay, PayPal and e-Gold. Also customers CAN NOW order the CC software with any of the 3 payment options.

Congratulations to all the affiliates making sales, keep up the good work. Also remember you can make commission from sales made by affiliates that you have referred to our affiliate program.



Nombre de messages : 1377
Age : 35
Date d'inscription : 05/04/2007

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Liste des plugins disponibles

Message par Admin le Jeu 13 Nov - 23:16

Plugins, arranged by functionality:

* Advertisement plugins

Auto Ad Manager - Cash Plugins
A complete solution for pricing and creating ad packages, with this plugin, you can now create ad packages and organize under categories and sub categories, the smart dynamic pricing feature will automatically update your ad package price as your membership base grows, according to the cost of one click you pre-defined, and advertisers are able to target their ad campaign by country and interest and pay accordingly, Ads are created automatically for you, just click approve to send out a submitted ad.

This new version ( 1.10) includes a new powerful email sceduler, new added payment methods with options to set fees on them, new upgraded members page fromwhich they can submit their monthly or weekly ads and have them auto processed, new resend feature for ads that did not reach the desired CTR or that been sold as guaranteed clicks... and many more new added feaetures.

For more information and demo please visit Here
Price: $50.00 Click here to purchase this plugin

Paid-to-Promote Plug-in - Cash Plugins
Paid-To-Promote plugin fron Cash Plugins is the leading Paid-To-Promote plugin for CashCrusader script.

For more information and demo please visit
Price: $150.00 Click here to purchase this plugin

Paid Classified Ads Plug-in - Cash Plugins
Why should you invest in a Classified Ads Plug-In when there are hundreds of free sites, offering this service, on the web? The answer is simple - Classified Ads are HOT.

The problem with the free sites is that the only traffic they are drawing is from people who want to place free ads. They are not drawing the buyers!

The few sites that offer 'paid for' classified ads may draw the buyers, but they do not guarantee any kind of return on the ad. These sites are not drawing the advertisers.

With this Plug-In YOU finally have the best of BOTH WORLDS. You will be drawing in the 'real' buyers that want to read the classified ads - AND - giving the advertisers a guarantee for their ad. Imagine the traffic this will bring to your web site. Traffic that wants to READ ads. Imagine the security the advertiser feels KNOWING they will get 100 / 200 / 300 or MORE clicks to their site! BEST YET - your Classified Ads are available to EVERYONE who visits your web site! Not just members! Bring your program to the next level of success with Classified Ads!

For more information and demo please visit Here
Price: $25.00 Click here to purchase this plugin

Contest PTC Plug-in - Cash Plugins
This plug-in will add a new paid to click section to your site, where you can set a number of clicks that is needed to give a prize randomly. All members who clicked on a link on this section will be entered in a draw to chose a winner when the number of clicks required is reached, a click here is like a raffle ticket, the more they click, the more chances they have to win the prize.


* Ease of use. After doing the general setting and entering the prize details, the new contest ptc section is ready for use by memebrs.
* Fully automated. The admin doesn't have to pick a winner. After the number of clicks required has been reached, the plugin automatically and randomly chooses a winner, and an email is sent to the winner with a message you set letting them know they have won.
* Ability to run unlimited number of contest ptc ads at the same time, any click on any of these ads will be counted.
* Saves time and effort on admins, no need to start and announce a new contest ptc always, one contest, wil lbe running always, with the ability to change the prize whenever there is a need to change it.
* Like in normal paid to click section, admin can determine how much time should pass before the same member is allowed to click onthe same banner/link again. ( Hours to lock ad after it is clicked)

For more information and demo please visit Here
Price: $12.00 Click here to purchase this plugin

Paid Surveys Plug-in - Cash Plugins
Using this plugin you can create customized surveys for whatever questions you want to ask, with the ability to target audience, and create new target groups in addition to CC interests, advertisers will get opinions / answers to enhance their products and services, and in return memebrs will get paid for completed surveys.


* Admin can create multiple choice questions, with single answer, or multiple answers.
* Admin can set surveys to expire after so many days, somany takers, or never/manually expiration.
* Reward members for completeing a survey in cash or points.
* Run multiple surveys at the same time, or just one, your choice !
* Real time results shown for both admin and survey owner, with percentages displayed
* Can create custom targets ( age, income, gender..etc ), targetted surveys can be taken by qualified members only

For more information and demo please visit Here
Price: $20.00 Click here to purchase this plugin

Advertising Page Manager - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]
Paid to Search with Country and Proxy Control - JKirkpatrick
Download this plugin for free by clicking [HERE]
Mail Time (Email Scheduler) - JKirkpatrick

* Antifraud plugins

Autosuspender 2.0 - Polarscripts / PolarWebServices
The famous anticheat plugin for CashCusader sites. Autosuspender 2.0 doesn't only save your valuable time it also saves money and gives you and your site much better reputation among advertisers.

Demo available: [here]

AutoSuspender admin feature list:

* Advanced duplicate account finder
* BadTuring number suspender
* BotTrap suspender
* CountryCheater suspender (uses GeoIP database)
* CheatInterest suspender
* Cheatlink suspender
* EnglishTest suspender (requires free Admin Messages plugin)
* Handy GeoIP database updater
* Inactivity suspender (from last login/click date)
* Leaves a note to suspended members account page in CashCrusader admin panel.
* NAND-suspender*
* PaidToSignUp ad cleaner and suspender

*Using NAND-suspender you can create interests such as I am female and I am male or age group interests and control that user selects only one of them and not all available

Price: $49.00 Click here to purchase this plugin

* Transactions and redemptions plugins
* Communication and Support plugins
* Contest and game plugins
* Free plugins and addons
* Other plugins


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Re: PTR cashcrusader : Présentation du script et vente

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

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