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Bux.To : attention

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Bux.To : attention

Message par Admin le Sam 16 Juin - 15:36

Administrative Message #42 - Listen up about ...
Adbux admin posted this on June 14, 07 at this link:

BUX.TO - The website found at is NOT affiliated with AdBux in any way. They copied everything from AdBux, word for word, page for page. The only thing done differently was their logo as well as the name. They blatantly stole our website and have infringed on our copyright. After a few exchanged e-mails, they are supposed to be changing the website layout and wording sometime this week. Regardless of their change, we URGE ALL ADBUX USERS to boycott this program because it's obviously BAD NEWS! Anybody who is cheap enough to copy a website and call it their own work should not be worthy of calling themselves a webmaster and automatically fail at administering any type of organized program. If they can steal a website, they can also steal your information, your money, SELL your e-mail address, etc. If you do join this program and use the same login info as your AdBux account, we cannot guarantee that your AdBux account will remain safe! All in all, stay away from!

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